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Dexter & Tori | Wedding Short Film

Dexter and Tori’s wedding provided our first trip to film down in Louisville. We quickly fell in love with the city and the awesome backdrops it provided for the film. My favorite shots are of Tori and Dexter out in front of the Hyatt, where the colors are just popping and they are giving each other those “madly-in-love” eyes. Absolutely stunning.

It was so fun to get to know Dexter and Tori and their families.  We spent a lot of the day laughing at Dexter’s jokes and the goofy ways he and Tori would interact - carefree, having the time of their lives. We are so grateful they wanted us to create this special film for them, and we wish Dexter and Tori all the best!

Song: “Take Me Into the Beautiful” by Cloverton // Licensed through The Music Bed

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